Sunday, August 24, 2003

Jonathon's Check-Up

Last week Jonathon went in for his 2 year well-baby. He is 28 pounds and 33 1/2 inches, perfectly average across the board.

He looked so big, standing straight and tall on the scale and was patient and accomodating during his exam. The doc asked if he has around 50 words and while I've never counted, he's adding more words every day.
Along with the check-up it was time for shots. Now that he's old enough, he can catch up with the HepA series and the Typhoid vaccine. I'd tried to prepare him beforehand. He's seen all his siblings getting immunizations and he did great with the TB test a couple weeks back, so I wanted him to know what was coming up. Unfortunately, that meant the whole drive to Seafront he was saying "No ouch" and once we were there he kept trying to leave after each step. Not screaming or complaining, just an "All done" and I'm outta here.
Typhoid is a literal pain and I was a concerned that they wanted to give him a full adult dose at one time. The protocol states that it's OK, but there's a greater side effect of fever. Balancing that against the other option of giving him 1/2 now and 1/2 later, I felt that some doses of tylenol would be easier to handle than giving him a second shot. And luckily his thin little arms weren't going to work, so he received one shot in each leg. Less chance of him favoring the appendage and not working out the soreness.
He's the strongest 2 year old I know. The Typhoid got an "ouch" and a small whimper (it stings going in) until the needle came out. The HepA got an "ouch" and nothing else.
I did have a question on a sore that I see periodically on his private parts. I'll know not to do that again as I totally disagreed with how they (she brought in the RMO) examined him and what their sidebar conclusions were. Unless he has a true problem, they aren't going there again.
So, unless he's sick for any reason, he'll be back for his HepA #2 in 6 months, right around the time that Katherine finishes up her TB meds.
Speaking of TB, our housekeeper had her medical check-up and she is clear. It seems that Katherine is a freak case of TB exposure.

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