Saturday, August 9, 2003

We *heart* Netflix

It's the only way we can possibly attempt to keep up with video releases (forget going to the theater just yet, even though they are clean and very cheap). Ian watched "Once Upon A Time in America" and said it was slow and very long. Glad I missed it. Actually, I slept through it and periodically would wake up and ask if anyone had spoken yet. The TV was always silent. He also saw "Minority Report" and declared it passable but not great. Then we received "Signs" and "Vanilla Sky". General consensus was that we'd enjoy "Signs" much more, so we watched it first and were sorely disappointed. Talk about a blah story with a boring ending! Spoiler... couldn't the girl have at least been an alien? So I didn't have high hopes for "Vanilla Sky", only to find out that we both enjoyed it pretty well. Strange, but intriguing. I'd recommend it for an evening if you have nothing else to do.

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