Monday, August 18, 2003

Shopping Galore

So why did Rebecca give Jonathon her Barbies? This was a –huge- gift from her. Rebecca is totally into them and has been for the longest time. They have their apartment building, patio set, driveway and car and all hidden in one of the girls’ closets. The doors can be shut which makes it all mildly bearable. If I have to step on one more Barbie shoe or try to squeeze another Barbie into some too tight leggings, I just might toss the whole deal out though. No, I won’t, but it sure is tempting. Rebecca just purchased (yes, with her own allowance money) two new Filipina Barbies. Originally she could only afford one but as luck would have it, there was a buy1/take1 sale. Lucky girl.

For some reason, Ian had it in his head that he had to get Nicholas a new toy. Something Spiderman. Nicholas is still on a huge Spiderman kick and I admit I didn’t help it any when I purchased the Spiderman pajamas last week, complete with cap and pull down mask. But he looks so cute! So, Daddy is helping him along too with the purchase of a motorized motorcycle spiderman. What happened to our resolve against toys that move and make noise?

At the same time that we picked up Jonathon’s train set, we bought a new backpack and lunchbox for Katherine. Sadly, it was time to put the Harry Potter bag to rest as the bottom four corners were all torn. The new bag didn’t have a roller, but the magic of mom put the old roller on the new bag. Now she is Scooby Doo enabled because there was not a single Harry Potter replacement to be found, and she’d sifted through the Barbie bags, the Tinkerbell bags and every Looney Tune and Cartoon Network option. It was depressing. Along with the bag we picked up the matching over-the-shoulder bag that is used as a lunchbox. Over the 4 months that we’ve been here, she’s managed to lose her Jurassic Park lunchbox, break the Harry Potter lunch box and choose as the replacement, a baby Tweety lunchbox (which is SO not her, and she had buyer’s remorse the next day when she realized that it was –baby- Tweety. Well sweetie, that’s why we asked you over and over again if this was really the one wanted).

All are happy now.

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