Monday, August 18, 2003

Let's go to the movies....

This weekend, we went to see our first movie as a family.

Ian has taken the girls before, my parents have taken the older 3, Ian and I have gone, but never before have all 6 of us seen a show together. That’s been changed, thanks to “Finding Nemo” For less than $20, we each got a chosen seat (it’s like going to the theater!), 6 drinks, a bucket of popcorn and a bucket of nachos, supreme style (don’t ask me what it tasted like, as far as I know it had meat, some cheese goo typical of movie nachos and a garlic sauce, but the girls ate both buckets of snacks so the rest of us can only dream what they were like).
The theaters at PowerPlant mall are really nice. Clean, air-conditioned, and tiered-seating, the only drawback was that it was really loud. So loud that our noise-sensitive child wanted to leave as soon as it began. Jonathon got up and headed for the door but with some convincing, a mommy lap so he could lay against my chest, and a sweater over his head, he was able to avoid most of the movie by falling right to sleep and staying conked out for an hour. He awoke when the turtles were swimming across the screen and was happy to see them, but the instant the scene changed he was back under the sweater just waiting out the storm. Poor kid, I guess we won’t try that again for a while. Of course, children change so much from month to month that he might be just fine if we make another attempt in October.
If you haven’t seen “Finding Nemo”, we all gave it thumbs up. The digital animation is astonishing, especially in the opening reef scenes, and later when we pan through Sydney I honestly had trouble deciding if it was animation or real images blended in. Truly stunning. As for the storyline, there are definite scary parts. Nicholas wasn’t thrilled with several parts (sharks anyone?) and sat on Ian’s lap through most of it, but I found myself laughing out loud at several spots.
[Side note: While waiting to get our tickets, the girls sat in a nearby café and played a game of chess. Gotta love a country with chessboards set up around every corner.]

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