Wednesday, August 6, 2003

It's been a long day.

We had our TB tests read today and while mine is red and sore, it was declared negative. Katherine was not so lucky. Hers measured 15mm across and it is sore, raised and red. We go tomorrow to the ped for a second opinion, but the general consensus in the clinic is that she has been exposed and will need to be treated. At the clinic she had x-rays taken of her lungs and we went to Makati Medical Hospital to have blood drawn for a CBC, a check on her liver function and a couple other tests. If the ped agrees with the diagnosis as we expect, we'll go back to the clinic to pick up her medication (INH primarily), which she will take daily for 9 months. There can be side effects of fatique, nausea and liver trouble. She will be monitored and checked regularly.

I should have expected this living in a country with a 50% disease rate in the population. I fervently wish it had been me instead of our little girl.

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