Monday, August 18, 2003

No more babies in the house

18 August 2003 – Happy Second Birthday, Jonathon! I can officially state that we no longer have a baby in the house. Well, I suppose I could extend it just a bit, maybe until he’s weaned at least? Yes mom, I can hear you from here :)

When was the last time the house was all 2 and over. Not since Rebecca was little and that was for 4 months until Nicholas arrived. I’ll admit I completely miss having a baby in the house. Internet friends are adding on to their families left and right (another a couple days ago and he is beautiful) and I can’t help that ache that will forever live on.
If you ask how old he is, he’ll tell you he’s three and hold up four fingers.
He completely dug his birthday cake. We ordered from Goldilocks instead of Red Ribbon. Both chain bakeries make delicious cakes, but Goldilocks had more decorating options. [Side note, if you want decadent cakes, go to Sugarhouse]. While I’d intended on getting him a zoo or jungle theme, none were to be had, but I stumbled across a train cake. How perfect! We’d bought him a first train set as his gift with a little motorized engine. I ordered an 8X12 sheet cake, and while that’s what we got I hadn’t expected the 3 layers. While most foods are done small here, the desserts are not.
After cake and presents I set up the track in the boys’ room. It’s a neat little set and of course it can be enlarged with other sets. Now I remember why we never got a train set 7 years ago! Eventually we won’t have any floor visible. The grandparents sent him an animal bowling set which has already seen plenty of action and is sprinkled all around the living room. His favorite being the dog. Rebecca was very giving and offered Jonathon one of her Barbies and the Barbie unicorn. And Katherine had made her own lift-the-flap card. Very creative and thoughtful.
I was going to take the kids to “Kids at Work” at the mall, and indoor playland, but they weren’t all wearing socks so we couldn’t go in. It took until many hours later when I told the story to Ian that he asked “You were in a mall, why didn’t you buy them some?” Um… uh…. Instead, I got them each a balloon, an ice cream and they played that little indoor playground. Not as fun but it would have to do.
All in all, a good birthday and a big boy.

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