Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Rebecca is officially part of "the system"

The first 2 weeks are short day weeks with class running from 7:30 to 12:30, but after that it will be full time to 2:30 and she'll be on the bus home with Katherine.

Yesterday was her first day. She jumped up at the whispered "Time to get up for school" at 5:30 a.m. and was giddy with excitement. She looked so grown up in her yellow ISM polo and khaki skort, pulling her roller Barbie bag holding her brand new Power Puff lunchbox. OK, she's a walking consumer ad, but be comforted that she owns nothing else that is Power Puff related. Barbie, well, we won't go there.
So the rumbling bus came down the street at 6:30 and off the girls went amidst much giggling. Katherine promised that she would sit with Rebecca and from reports, she stuck to it. She even guided Rebecca to her classroom, apparently asking every student and faculty member in sight. The buses drop off right next to the playground, which is right next to the ECLC and preschool classrooms. It's not terribly confusing, so they did find it, and big sister released her to Ms. Cater before finding her own way to Ms. Bayly and 2nd grade.
When asking Katherine what the best things were in Kindergarten her first day, we had stories of recess and snack time. True to form, Rebecca told about center time, where she was able to choose her own activities and picked play-doh, painting and dress-up. What more could a kid want?
The boys and I went to pick her up at 12:30 for her first day, but today she took the bus home. There's a new bus company this year, and it's been taking the kids a full hour to get home. The school is barely 15 minutes away. Bus mothers come directly to the class room to pick up the bus kids which is very reassuring.
All in all, she had a great day. Today was "not a great day as yesterday." No free center time! The horror!

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