Wednesday, November 19, 2003

From Presidents to VeggieTales

It never ceases to amaze me how the topics flow around here.

Katherine asked her teacher if she could bring in her VeggieTales CD for the class to listen to and her teacher said yes. That's fine and good but... we got into a long talk about different beliefs and how some parents don't like kids being exposed to different faiths. We talked about how not everyone believes in God, and even those who do believe often believe different things about God down to the point of calling God by different names. Was Jesus a real person? We said that he was, but his role and the role of his mother are disputed depending on who you talk to. It spread to a discussion of the Bible and whether the books in it were bonafide true tales or lessons to teach the reader. We brought up that she is being raised Catholic, but that our main goal is to teach her. Not just about Catholicism or about Christianity, but as she gets older to expose her to a wide variety of faiths. We also admitted that when she grew up she may decide that she believes different things than the Catholic faith. That would be up to her.
The entire discussion understandably confused her (heck, it confuses us) and to the questions pertaining to what is true and real with regards to God I could only answer: "That's what we believe". I'm not sure that it satisfied her but it did stave off the questions. Until next time.
Tonight the term "set a precedent" crossed the table but Katherine misheard it to be something with President. A common error to be sure, but she asked if we had a new President and we said that next year we'll be electing someone new (or not). The obvious next question.. "What does elect mean?" And off we go! It was a straightforward explanation of voting and elections until she went off on how President Bush should be re-elected because he's a nice person. Oh sure, SHE meets the big cheese once and suddenly she knows all about him!

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