Friday, November 7, 2003

Is the week over?

I'm ready for the weekend. Not that it means much, but there's something about waking up and thinking "Hey, it's Saturday" that makes a difference.

People are going through our house. No one has bought it yet! It's been... nearly a week! Ack! Sell sell sell.
Here in Manila it has been an errand week. I let thing pile up to do them all at once, since each item has to be done in person and every errand is in a different place.
Wednesday the girls were off to school at 7:30 (late start day). Before 10, the boys and I had hit the road. We went to the DVA office to get the new car sticker. They won't issue us one because the house dues haven't been paid. *sigh* So we walked around the to onsite medical clinic and dropped off a box of donation stuff for the fire victims. Have I mentioned that here? There is a squatters neighborhood adjacent to bus terminal on EDSA. The bus terminal was shut down by the mayor for some reason. A couple days later, it was a pile of burning embers, along with the entire squatterville in the gully. A couple days later, the squatters had moved into the burned out bus terminal. I guess it's flatter there at least. Anyhow, collections are going on. We donated a bunch of toys, books (shhh, I didn't tell the kids), shoes and food. I still have a bag of clothes the kids have outgrown. When I go back to get the car sticker, I'll bring the bag along. I've been stopped several times at the gates already because of that sticker.
Anyhow, then we went to Seafront to mail out a Christmas package to Germany. I have one that needs to go to Australia also, ack. Don't tell the USPS, but I accidentally used a Priority Mail box for the Germany parcel. But wow, the FPO has a brown paper wrapping station with paper, scissors and that really cool brown paper sticky tape. So I covered it up right there and voila. All set.
After the FPO, the CLO's office to pick up tickets to see the Nutcracker at the CCP (Cultural Center of the Philippines) on December 14th. It'll be a girl's day out at the ballet.
Then to the ARC office to sign up for something else. I would tell you, but then it wouldn't be a surprise :)
Since it was almost lunch time, we called up Ian at the Embassy to see if he was free to have lunch with us. So, lunch at the Liberty Grill. The food is passable there, but I think Ian is getting sick of it. Of course, nothing says he has to eat there every single day but I guess packing a lunch is soooo elementary school.
Back home we went for a whopping half hour. This was a day where neither of the boys achieved a nap even with all the driving around.
Off to the school since it was our day to bring snacks for the Daisy troop. We were actually on time! Early even! This is quite a red letter sort of thing. You know, pancakes make a great snack, all the kids love them as they're so portable. We made it through Daisy's by letting the boys play at the playground while Katherine ate her afterschool ice cream. What better thing to purchase when you find P40 forgotten in your pocket? Daisy meeting over, we head immediately off to the church for Katherine's religion class. We were late. I suppose we had to be to offset the thrill of being early to girl scouts. Our regular tour by the chapels and through the crypt (no wedding today to sit in on in church), then off to the Rustan's to get some fruit and bread, and Katherine was done with class.
Then we had today where Ian missed the shuttle so we drove him to work. Rebecca's medicine was running out (for a 10 day course, we only got 5 days worth so got a second bottle) so yet another stop at Seafront medical unit. We're in there so often we owe the office a bag of lollipops.
But after that, there is absolutely nothing open at that time of morning so we came home. Shortly before 10 our car left the driveway yet again, first to go to the Destiny Cable office to pay the internet cable bill. Then to the Essensa Towers to drop off Katherine's Girl Scout registration for her Brownie troop. She'll actually be starting next week, yahoo! Then, as promised for the boys, off to McDonalds for lunch. Blech, but they love it. And the Happy Meal toys are Matchbox cars which are always a hit.
Now, we're home again and Jonathon is napping. Nicholas has a new found hero in Indiana Jones which in my opinion is "way cool". Of course we're all sporting bruises from where Nicholas's whip (any belt he can get his hands on)gets a little out of control. He has promised not to touch anyone with it again. We shall see.
Once the girls get home, we have about an hour+ for them to change and play with the cats before heading out (yes, again) to their first piano lesson. I hope the teachers are good. The lessons run and hour a week for 12 weeks. I know that this will be excellent for Katherine as a guide, and I hope that Rebecca will learn enough to spark an interest at home. She does play some pieces from her lesson book but as in everything, once she gets frustrated she'd rather quit than struggle through it.
I think Katherine is an anomaly.
Tomorrow Ian is off to Plaridel to fly. If the weather is good, the kids and I will have a picnic next door. Then he'll take the car to Seafront from the mass inspection. And we have to figure out Rebecca's birthday. It would seem that she's going to have a party of some sort, but what? Ian suggested inviting a couple classmates to go to the movies then over here for some cake. I think that's a great idea! Now to see if we can sell it to the munchkin.

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