Friday, November 21, 2003

Sibling Love

Sometimes, they really do like each other.

Last night we had scheduled power outages for, well, something. I really don't know why. But they did tell us prior to the occurrences. Anyhow, twice in the middle of the night the power shut off for 1/2 hour and when it would come back on various things would beep, rev and otherwise makes too much noise and wake us up. Jonathon is the most sensitive to these changes. I didn't hear him and honestly didn't even think about it, even though he has always awoken before when the power restarts.

This morning I went to wake the girls for school and was thoroughly confused. There lying next to Katherine was a conked out Jonathon. When Katherine was coherent enough to answer me, she said that she had heard him crying and brought him to sleep with her. And he took right to it.

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