Tuesday, November 4, 2003

Why is it the only thing kids share is germs?

So last week the girls had off from school. Any plans we had went out the window.

Ten days ago I wasn't feeling up to snuff. Enough so that I missed church in order to, ahem, hang out in the powder room at home. Monday came and so did a visit to the Medical Unit. I got some meds for what I suspected and was finally better by this past weekend.
Katherine came down sick right at the beginning of the week and progressed to being feverish with finally burning like a furnace Wednesday night and being a zombie most of Thursday after the fever broke. By Friday she was still a walking germ bomb, though feeling loads better. I still wouldn't let her go to a birthday party she'd been invited to. Exhaustion was written all over her face and it wouldn't have been right to expose everyone else to her, just in time for them to get sick when school started up again. Not to say that she didn't get her germs -from- school, but that's not the point.
She was OK to head back Monday with just a lingering cough that always seems to end an illness. I wonder though, did she have a cold with a fever? The flu? Or something else entirely?
Whatever it is, Katherine was kind enough to share it with me so I've been all stuffed up, sneezing, sleeping on an incline and relying on Nyquil. Both of us figured Nicholas shouldn't be left out, so now he's got the faucet nose, watery eyes and exhaustion that has him napping each day for a bit. I should prop up his pillow tonight. He was doubly tired too from not sleeping well and that's largely my fault. Last week he'd got his comforter wet so I'd put it to be washed and tossed a couple light blankets on his bed instead. The kid was up every night, climbing into our bed, waking up his brother who would also join in, and let's face it, no one was sleeping. Then it hit me... he was cold. So I finally washed the comforter, put it back, and last night he slept wonderfully and is feeling loads better today. Still sniffly though.
Of course, Sunday evening Rebecca said she wasn't feeling well and was still hurting on Monday when she arrived home from school, so we jumped into the car to get to school before Katherine got on the bus after chess. Just barely made it, but the roads to Seafront were clear and by 5 p.m. we had a prescription for Rebecca. No cold here, instead she has what I had last weekend. She'd mentioned a few days back that her ear was hurting, but that seems to have passed without intervention. Well, the meds she's on now will help with that as well.
Knock on wood, Ian and Jonathon are still in the clear. How long will it last?

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