Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Poor babies

The littlest monster has an ear infection. And everyone else is shifting in their illnesses.

My sweet boy has disappeared once again into a whiny, crying monster and I've really had it. OK, I know I'm supposed to be sympathetic and I am trying, but when he wakes up whining, spends all day fighting and crying with Nicholas then whines all the way to bedtime I just get plain tired. Thank goodness he's not arguing with taking the amoxicillan. In fact he takes it a little too readily, rubbing his tummy and pronouncing it "Yummy!"
But add to that, Nicholas has what sounds like laryngitis coming on and his whining has doubled, the two of them make quite a pair. At least Nicholas's cough has diminished considerably and I'm not wiping up snotty noses too much anymore. They aren't finishing their snacks and barely touch their dinners. Nicholas is often complaining of his stomach. Jonathon has been saying his right knee hurts for a long while now. I'm attributing it to growing pains but I don't know how long I can do that.
Rebecca is UTI free but now growing a frog in her throat, so whatever Nicholas has, he's sharing.
I guess the sickies have shifted zones.

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