Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Relief from Immigrant Visas...

So, I get to leave Immigrant Visas a month early. And there was much rejoicing.

After Michele's last post, I'm almost hesitant to say that I did indeed get the Staff Aide position. So I'll be working in the office of the Ambassador and the Deputy Chief of Mission. Writing and editing memos and talking points, handling correspondence, tasking different sections, scheduling travel and visits, etc, etc, etc.

While it's bound to be a high-pressure job, it will be nice to have a better view of what our embassy actually does. It'll also give me staff aide experience, which is great for the resume and tenuring process, so I won't feel the need to do a one-year staff aide tour back in Washington. I start on Dec. 1.

So, potential Filipino fiancee immigrants: Make sure you're there on my last day, Friday, Nov. 28th. For that day only, I will make my decisions entirely through the use of Tarot cards. If I pull up the "Lovers" card, I believe you're really in love and you get your visa. If I turn over a Joker, I think you're a stinking liar and you're off to the Fraud Unit. And if I unveil the "Death" card, it opens a trap door under your seat and you drop into a bottomless pit.

[Yes, I know there's not really a Joker in a Tarot deck. And as far as you all know, we really _do_ adjudicate visas based on a tarot deck.]

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