Tuesday, November 4, 2003

OK, so aside from the illness and Christmas, what's happening in the Hopper house?

What's going on? A quick rundown.

Ian had his interview with the DCM today for the Staff Aide job. Wish him luck! He's the only one who applied so... we can't figure out what to think about that.
-If he gets the job, it is because he's qualified or because no one else wanted it?
-If he doesn't get the job.. whoah, let's not go there. Serious blow to the ego.
-If other people (finally) apply, and he gets the job, does that mean he's best suited for it or they took pity on him?
-If other people (finally) apply, and he doesn't get the the job, well I suppose it would have to do.
We had the piano tuned on Monday. It sounds good.
We've signed up the girls to take piano lessons on Fridays from 5-6. They'll be taking lessons at the Yamaha Music School nearby. It'll be SUCH a pain to get to as Fridays are notoriously difficult for drive around. But it's only for 12 weeks and I can do anything for a limited time. I may grumble, but I'll do it. If they like it and are learning well, we'll sign up again, but this is a good beginning. There's a class offered for Junior music students, but it starts at age 4. Nicholas has been invited to sit in on the class on Saturday.
Katherine has lost her bike. No, I'm not kidding. I'm guessing she left it at the playground one time and now *poof* it's gone. Anyone have recommendations on how to handle this? It was a new bike, one she used a lot and truly enjoyed. But I truly believe the portion of her brain marked for memory is damaged somehow. She didn't even know it was gone until I remarked that it wasn't with the other bikes behind our house. I just don't know what to do with her. Perhaps I should take stock in the Sharpie company and mark everything she owns in huge block letters. Actually, that's not a bad idea.
A storm blew through last week that seemed to have (temporarily) wiped the skies clean. The air was clear, almost brilliantly so. But as visibility increased, so did the temperature. It became stiflingly hot outdoors and the air conditioners inside have been having some difficulty compensating unless they are all running at the same time. Today though, the haze and clouds have settled back in. I wish it would rain again.
Away from "home", our house in Virginia has been put on the market as of November 1st. Everyone, cross your fingers and say a little prayer that we find a happy buyer soon. The MLS# is PW4667497. You can find it on fairfaxrealty.com, and hopefully the rest of the MLS search sites (i.e. realtor.com, coldwellbanker.com) will be up-to-date soon. Oh, the photo is still old, waiting for the new one to be put up. Our place looks quite a bit better with the green shutters my dad painted.

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