Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Oh the Places You'll Go

We're off to the beach for a much needed break from the Manila sprawl.

First, pray there's no typhoon heading our way.
Second, we're going to the beach this weekend! It's supposed to be a 2 hour drive followed by an hour boat ride, so we'll see how it really turns out and how miserable the roads and traffic are. The specific beach is Atlantis Resort in Puerto Galera. You can see it at Atlantis Beach Resort if you're so inclined. Of course, we'll have photos and details of our own adventure as soon as we're back.
Our future plans are full and busy as I know everyone's are. Here's a brief overview.
03 November: Atlantis Resort followed immediately by a trip to Enchanted Kingdom anda small Thanksgiving
03 December: Christmas of course! Busy in its own right.
04 early-January: My parents visit for 9 days. A joint birthday party for the girls.
04 early-April: Spring Break/Easter/Trip to Hong Kong
04 June: 2-3 week R&R to Sydney and New Zealand
04 mid-July: Visit from Jeff, plans to see Corregidor, Bataan and I'd like to go to Leyte.
04 October: Trip to Thailand
I also want to get in a vacation to Bohol and a trip to Banaue (to see the rice terraces).
Anyone want to take bets on if we'll be successful or if we'll all spontaneously combust long before the end of our tour?

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