Sunday, November 9, 2003

Reading Rebecca

A quick note about Rebecca. A while back my mom had gotten Katherine an easy reader book filled with stories that only had a line or two of words on each page. It's geared for preschool to 1st grade learners, so Rebecca is smack in the middle of that age group.

Last night I pulled it off the shelf and handed it to her for her quiet reading at bedtime. Until now, quiet reading time meant looking through the pictures and telling her own story. This time, she read.
I was so proud, I had tears in my eyes.
Then this morning, she came into the den with book in hand, and finished the story. And read another story. Of course they are stories she has heard before, but this wasn't a book that we've read to death like any number of others. There are a couple favorites but plenty of other options and it's just her speed. I think when she's done we'll pull out the Disney easy reader and see how it goes.
When Rebecca gets big enough to read all these entries herself I want her to know that I'm very proud of all she's learned.
10 November 2003: Rebecca read _The Carrot Seed_ today, with help on about 1/2 dozen words.

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