Sunday, November 9, 2003

Our Weekend

Yes, we have a serious buyer for the house.

Our property was put on the market on the 1st, by the 8th (our time) Ian checked mail the moment he woke up at 6:15 a.m. and my parents had just e-mailed us a few minutes before saying to call ASAP. Upon doing so we heard that we had a buyer for the house. By 1:30 a.m. the 9th (ugh) we had a contract and by 9 a.m. this morning (the 9th) it was faxed back to the agents. Settlement is scheduled for the 25th. Yes. Sixteen days. Provided it all goes without a hitch of course.
Around the chaos of the house, we went out to see Matrix: Revolutions on Friday night. Ryan and Laura were kind enough to come over and watch the kids for a bit. I should say that we -tried- to see the movie. It was Friday night. There was a rally or something at the Ayala center at Glorietta. There was a fashion show or something at the Louis Vuitton store (complete with live people being Blue Man Group statues in the window). And oh yeah, did I mention it was a Friday night? We drove for 45 minutes around the Glorietta/Greenbelt area desperately looking for a parking spot. Most of the parking lots were just plain closed from being full, but that didn't keep people from lining up down the street to wait. So we decided to go to Powerplant, and it took 45 minutes to get there. At 8:45 we were finally parked and the 9:10 showing of Matrix had 2 seats left. One in the very front row. One in the very back row. The first time open that we'd be able to sit together was at 10:30 and not get out until 12:40. OK, I admit it, I'm old. The thought of being out until 1 a.m. was so far from appealing that we had a nice dinner and went home. We did pick up a couple mini cakes at Sugarhouse before leaving the mall. One for us and one as payment for Laura and Ryan. You know, they really are such pleasant people to be around. The kids really enjoy them and even more, they seem to really enjoy the kids. We love to have them over, and should do so more often. And I don't mean as babysitters!
Saturday, Ian finally badgered the Village Association into giving us our car sticker. He practically had to promise blood if we didn't hand deliver the dues check on Monday. We also had the car inspected at Seafront and now own our very own set of (required!) reflective road triangles. Yeehaw.
And today we went to Landmark at Glorietta, because you really can get anything there, and for cheap. Ian decided it was time to start padding his suit wardrobe to prepare for the Staff Aide position starting December 1st. He'll be a suit-wearing guy for 6 long months. I don't know that he'll survive. But it's given him the excuse to search out a respectable haberdashery (I just said "haberdashery" with a straight face!!) and.. get this... have some suits tailor made. Egads, what are we coming to? Anyhow, he bought a 1/2 dozen new ties ranging anywhere from $3 - $18 each, and 3 new shirts. He went in saying he was going to get a couple white shirts. He came out with a medium blue shirt, a very dark blue shirt and a tan shirt. Whatever. At least the ties he bought will match them well. I wanted to get him a funky tie, but the closest they had were Winnie-the-Pooh and Scooby Doo. He didn't go for it. As an aside, last Christmas my dad gave Ian an Hermes tie. Ian mentioned today that a day rarely goes by that he wears it someone doesn't comment how nice it is.
Oh, back to the Matrix thing. Tuesday is Veteran's Day (a salute and thank you to all the Veteran's out there, including my dad) so Ian has a holiday. The girls have a half day. Then Wednesday is a school holiday for parent/teacher conferences. Ian thinks he feels a cold coming on that day and a definite Matrix call. It'll be the first of the 3 that we get to see in the theater and yes, I'm pretty excited myself.

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